KVR P1-NK-1,5

The Underground Waste System KVR P1-NK-1,5 is a product that enables successful and rational organization of collecting, sorting, removal, treatment and disposal of municipal waste. It promotes the work of the municipal system and significantly improves the quality of the environment. The experiences of the cities in which the Underground Waste System are installed confirm that the design of the product meets the high aesthetic requirements, that are easy and quick to install, easy to load and unload, easy to maintain and easy to operate.

Underground Waste System is certified according to the standards that apply to this type of product, it is patented and the law protected product. Company provides quality service and maintenance of its product.

Environmentally friendly Underground Waste System KORALI is manufactured using the following materials: 


Part of Underground Waste System  Material  Recyclable 
Manhole  Waterproof polyethylene high 


Lifting bag (Flexible 

Intermediate Bulk 


Waterproof, flame retardant 

polyester Fabric, double-sided PVC 

coating, lacquer, high-gloss 

embossed, fungicide finish, flame 

retardant, free of cadmium 

Above ground container subconstruction  Steel S235JR, hot deep galvanized  100%
Above ground container pad and pad subconstruction  Steel S235JR, hot deep galvanized  100%
Above ground container case frame  Galvanized steel sheet 

electrostatically painted or optionally Stainless steel sheet AISI 304/316 

Large cap  Stainless steel sheet AISI 304/316  100%
Large cap handle   Steel profiles S235JR, hot deep 


Small lid  Aluminium sheet 100%
Small lid handle  Stainless steel AISI 304/316  100%


The success of the Underground Waste System lies in its superior holding capacity and environmental protection attained, over traditional surface waste containers. Storing waste in Underground Waste System has many added benefits besides a large capacity and a more visually- appealing experience: 

  • reduced service frequency, 
  • less truck traffic and 
  • lower CO2 emmisions, 
  • less litter in our surroundings. 


With the majority of the waste underground, Underground Waste System create a naturally pest- and bacteria-resistant environment.The fact that the waste is underground and inaccessible, combined with tightly locking lids, act as pest deterrence, helping to create a clean environment that discourages animals and insects from gathering. By storing waste underground, the Underground Waste System not only prevents pests from accumulating, but also bacteria as well. The colder temperatures underground deter bacteria from forming and thriving. And, as an added bonus, this is achieved in a natural, environmentally- friendly manner—no chemicals or other damaging solutions are necessary. Ultimately, for the end user, underground waste solutions will emit lower odors and attract fewer pests, resulting in a positive experience.  The Underground Waste System is waterproof and leakproof, protecting the surrounding soil from contamination. It is designed without the possibility that the contents get in the groundwater.



Reduce costs related to fueling, vehicle wear, and working hours, avoiding collection of empty and  half-empty containers and eliminate excessive environmental footprint with dynamic routing based on reported fill levels. Maximizes benefits of Underground Waste System KORALI, enables manage of waste more effectively and more efficiently. System KORALI provides temperature measurements, timely warnings when they are full, permitting intelligent route planning for collections ensuring no visit is wasted. The data acquired from the sensors are further processed and evaluated to enable the client to truly understand the waste they manage. Thanks to the Analytics, client see in very detail how specific parts of the city are producing waste – how much and how fast, what is the ratio between separates and general waste, what is the average level of the waste and how efficiently they use containers and collection routes. Client is thus able to wisely plan capacity, ratio and location of the containers based on real data. 

Battery lifetime 5 years